nagad88 affiliate program

Join the Nagad88 Affiliate Program: Turn Your Gaming Passion into Profit

Explore the Nagad88 Affiliate Partner Scheme, an exciting opportunity to earn substantial commissions by promoting one of Bangladesh’s leading online casinos. Nagad88 offers a secure environment, a diverse selection of games, and the chance to bet on major leagues, making it a top choice for both players and affiliates.

Why Partner with Nagad88?

High Commission Rates: Earn up to 40% commission based on the number of active players you refer. Starting at 30% for fewer than 20 players, the potential increases as you expand your network.

Rapid and Secure Payments: Enjoy prompt monthly payments through reliable methods like Bkash or Nagad, ensuring you always have access to your earnings.

Extensive Support and Resources: Benefit from dedicated support from customer service representatives fluent in Bengali and access marketing materials to enhance your promotional efforts.

Getting Started as a Nagad88 Affiliate

  1. Register: Sign up by clicking the “Register Now” button on the homepage or by contacting an agent supervisor directly.
  2. Submit Information: Provide the necessary details to process your application.
  3. Access the Portal: Once approved, log in to the exclusive agent portal.
  4. Begin Referring: Use the provided tools and resources to start inviting potential players.

Key Terms of the Nagad88 Affiliate Program

  • Commissions: Calculated after deducting bonuses and processing fees, affiliates earn a share of the net profits generated by their referrals.
  • Payment Schedule: Commissions are paid out weekly, with a minimum payout threshold of ৳1,000.
  • Loss Carryforward: Negative balances are rolled over to the next month until covered by future earnings.

Benefits of Being a Nagad88 Affiliate

  • User-Friendly Interface: Both the Nagad88 site and affiliate portal are designed for ease of use, ensuring a smooth experience for clients and affiliates.
  • Innovative Reward System: Gain reward coins with each deposit, enhancing the excitement and potential earnings from spins.
  • Expert Support: The customer service team is ready to assist with any queries, making the experience seamless and personalized.

Commission Structure and Calculation

  • Commission Rate: Earn a commission rate of up to 40%, depending on the number of active players you maintain.
  • Calculation Example: Weekly earnings are calculated by subtracting bonuses and processing fees from gross winnings, then applying your commission rate.

Program Modifications and Termination

  • Changes: Nagad88 reserves the right to amend the terms of the affiliate program. Affiliates will be notified of significant changes, which they can accept or decline.
  • Termination: The program can be terminated by either party. Upon termination, all promotional materials must be removed and confidential information returned or destroyed.

Secure Your Financial Future with Nagad88

The Nagad88 Affiliate Program is an excellent way for gaming enthusiasts to leverage their networks and earn passive income. With competitive commissions, strong support, and a reputable platform, it’s an ideal partnership for anyone looking to profit from the booming online casino industry in Bangladesh.

Join today to start earning with Nagad88 and transform your enthusiasm for gaming into a rewarding business venture!